Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The weather is most certainly frightful

Snow all over the place, what a beautiful sight. Shame it messes up the postal service, public transport and every bikelane in entire Holland. Now if it can only stay this way we'll have our first white Christmas since 1981, a man can dream right?

Here's the view from my laboffice thursday evening, the ride back home was challenging to say the least.

There are some added bonuses to this stunnign white landscape, it becomes a lot easier to acquire a cool beverage. Especially when there is a decent layer of snow on the table in the backyard!

Things were still pretty much the same today, here's the view from my alternative working spot.

So all that's left for now is for me to wish everbody (but in particular the From the Warp crew and the Astronomican forum) a great Christmas and great new year. And what better way to do it than with this glorious new material I have at hand. And no worries, no yellow snow was used during the creation of this message ;-)

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  1. We have 5in of snow in Scotland too. I returned home from working abroad in the Med to this. Bit of a cold shock... still, it gives me an excuse to sit indoors and paint (once the snowman was built).