Saturday, 18 April 2009

Humble beginnings, welcome to Hephesto's Forge!

Well, it looks like I've fallen to the lure of starting another blog. A minor introduction and describtion of the motivation behind this blog seem in order.

My name is Willem-Jan, though I go around the web using Hephesto or Heph. In addition to my univeristy work studying Psychology and my job as labcoordinator I'm also a long time warhammer fanatic. A couple of years ago I pretty much found myself without gaming buddies and time to put into the hobby. That was until I was persuaded to drift over to the Astronomican forums, a place where I've been lingering ever since. Eventually rising through the ranks to the position of admin. Though the place is a relatively small forum, I do like to thing we do our part in promoting the hobby we all love and spend way too much cash on!

Now why a blog on blogspot you may ask, well there are several reasons. First of I'd like to reach out a bit to more hobbiers than the people I normally interact with on the few forums I visit. Secondly I feel like a blog like this will give me that extra needed bit of motivation to say focused on my gaming projects. And I really do need some extra focus, especially with some many different new things constantly popping up. And finally it just seems like a whole lott of fun to do!

To finish of this first entry I'd like introduce some minis of my latest project - a small Relictor force, partially build from the new starter Marines. Mostly I am just somebody who's in the hobby for the gaming and painting, so this will not be the most competitive army.
And some of the other stuff on the painting table - Terminators, Librarian, Dread and some Subjugator allies:

And there you have it, the first post. In the future you'll (hopefully) be able to see this Relictor force grow, find some Lord of the Rings minis pop up as well same some more Tyranids!


  1. They are indeed one of the most underappreciated chapters! SHould have figured you'd be the first one to find this blog Siph ;-)