Sunday, 19 April 2009

Death from above

The first of a bunch of allies for the Relictors, a Subjugator Assault Squad are slowly getting there. Using a combo of chaos bits, assault marines and some cool heads and jump packs from Maxmini I think I managed to get some unique looking guys together.

These guys are meant to represent a small group of Subjugator veterans stuck on some random planet hunting a kinseed infected former brother. The chapter's background had them fighting an alien race that infected a large portion of their troops, most of the infected were cured or killed. Save for 20, so GW leaves an opening and I'm jumping right in there to link them to my Relictors. But more on that in a future post, were I'll get into the army's background.

Finally I mixed together some paint for their basic armour, which came down to a 60/40 mix of Dark Angel Green and Snot Green. Hopefully I'll get pretty close their official colourscheme, it is a bit of trail and error with each new colourscheme though.

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  1. Nice conversion work Heph! Can't wait to see you paint these guys (if you ever get around to it :p)