Wednesday, 23 March 2016

2016 - III - More Relics minis and the next batch of projects.

It have been a couple of busy 'real life' weeks, but it's time to get back to what really matters: toy soldiers ;-)

In all seriousness in between work and massive ISP issues I haven't had much time or opportunity to blog, something I'll be correcting over the next couple of weeks. Plenty of cool goodies to share, models to paints and products to have a closer look at. For this update I'll be focusing on recently and, hopefully, soon to be finished models.

First up some more lovely Relics goodies, where I indeed opted to go with the Britanans for the multi-month challenge running in the game's Facebook group. Over the course of five months several community members will be building up squads, either as part of their existing armies or starting a new one. Personally I figured I'd be the perfect time to finally finish a full Britanan army and maybe use the last month to add some new Ridend. All in time for the new 2.0 release of the game, you'd think the Tor Gaming team is planning this thing out.

The first, finished models, a hunting pack and two heavily converted, count as characters

And this month's batch, a trooper company with colour party and two Puppeteers. The left one is converted from an old Thunder Mountain Napoleonic model (link):

Then there’s my crowdfunding addiction and issue of an ever growing mountain of unfinished models, so no more backing miniatures Kickstarters unless I can cross off an outstanding project. So in order to be able to support the newest faction for the lovely game of World of Twilight (link), I’ll be painting up a Nobles of Gar Loren force. Thinking these will be quite fun to paint, with lots of bright colours to fit the overall, fantastical feel of the setting.
Finally, there’s a fairly heavily converted DeepWars warband, another game raising funds for an expansion and a ruleset update (link). AntiMatter Games has an amazing range of models in the overall ShadowSea setting, which includes regular, land-based models for stuff like lizardmen, human mercenaries etc, but also has the very unique, underwater DeepWars game.
DeepWars is pretty much my favorite miniatures line out there, especially when it comes to wonderfully dynamic, movement suggesting poses and integrated base toppers. That and I’ve felt intimidated by that huge Anglerfish for way too long, you’re going down big guy! Same goes for you, Dire Fish-Lizard, with all your insane detailing!
And once some of these are done I'll also have the opportunity to finish some articles on model and tool reviews. Including this bunch of interesting goodies:


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