Thursday, 11 February 2016

2016 - II - Ridend project done!

And they're all done, finished, completed.
Though I had hoped to finish them by the end of the Cthu faction Kickstarter, last Tuesday, they just took a bit longer than expected. It was worth it though, really happy with the end result
Definitely underestimated how much work there was on these models, especially all the tiny bits and bobs all over the Archers. Having spent most of the last two years or so working on single models or units definitely had an impact. It takes a bit of a mindset shift and better planning when tackling a full project.

Think I had to go back to various models over a dozen times to do stuff I could have done for the entire batch in a single go. Bit of a learning process to get back to Specialist Games-level of army/warband size! The Tor Gaming team (link) has done quite a stunning job on this faction, a great example of how 3D sculpted models can still lead to very organic and lively models!
The Dragon Tower model was probably the most fun model in the entire war band, there was just a ton of opportunity for contrast and little details on there. The fur and feather textures, in particular, were lovely to work on. This is also a very fun model on the tabletop where it's all about spotting and marking units, not fighting them. Though I am certain we'll be seeing a more combat-oriented variant somewhere down the line.

My favorite models of the batch have to be the Ladies of the Court though, really hadn't expected they'd be so much fun to figure colour schemes out for. There's certainly some Disney influences in there, though it's really the poses that push the models to the front of the pack. They just ooze character!


With these done it's time to move on to the next projects and there's some interest stuff on the horizon. First off I'm joining a Relics monthly challenge where I hope to build up another faction, roughly the same size as the Ridend, over the course of about five months. A unit and character a month should be quite doable, especially since half of them are already built or partially converted. Viscount Alard and Lawrence the butler, are finally going to see paint!

Was a tough choice between the Britanans or the Nuem, especially given their latest batch of models. Still, puppet redcoats first!

Secondly there's Thunderchild Miniatures' (link) Wasteman Kickstarter goodies that arrived last week. I'll be putting these together this week, so keep an eye out for a 'Closer look at...'-article. Really fell in love with the hand-sculpted style of the models and Jason definitely delivered on the Kickstarter promises. There's still some big models and the special bases the models can be slotted into to follow. but there's a wonderful range of models to get going on. Thinking I'll just 'have to' start painting up the Lunar Coalition models as well.

Finally there's been word of the upcoming DeepWars expansion from Antimatter Games (webpage, Facebook). Now I'm trying to put extra effort into actually finishing projects this year, while also limited the amount of models added to the metal/resin/plastic mountain. So if I want to support this one, I'll have to add another big, balancing project to the list. Cue this year's second big project, the Ancients of Atalan. Think that should keep me busy for the next 6-7 weeks!
And that does it for this post, thanks for reading and have a great hobby week everybody!