Wednesday, 25 November 2015

2015 - XIV - Infamous distractions

Bit late on this week's update, real life and some hobby goodies got in the way of spending too much time behind the pc. That said, the Howling Horde warband for Norsgard is nearly ready for real paint. All the prep work for the ice effects is sorted out, the actual effect is going to take quite a lot of time to fully dry. So might as well sort out the general basing work first and paint the actual models afterwards while the crackle medium sets over the course of a day or two. Now I just need to figure out how I used to make model snow and we're set for a few evenings' worth of fun painting times!

Now for the actual big distraction that threw a steam-punk-themed spanner into the painting cue. Infamy's Kickstarter delivery. That's right, another pile of amazing quality, resin models added to the pile. Said pile is really getting out of control, but there was just no way I could pass up on these models or the opportunity to support the range!

Now these are definitely not models for beginners or people who dislike working with fiddly bits. And I don't mean that in a Forgeworld-induced sense of elitism, there's a quite a bit of delicate, fragile resin here. A model like Sherlock or Watson is a casting piece of art that will need to be handled with extreme care on the tabletop. A few of the models in the range are probably 'fragile' enough to give half of the players out there a heart attack when bringing it to the club or even undercoating ;-)

This is luckily something that mostly applies to the older models of the range, pretty much all the new stuff is much more sensibly designed without cutting into the detailing and style of the setting's look. The combination of a different, slightly softer resin for human scaled figures, the old, hard mix for the bigger models and generally very smart part separation really pushes the range to an even higher level. Still quite daunting stuff, especially when it comes to painting. So much freaking detail and different types of textures all over the place. That's a 30mm diameter base for reference!
 About time somebody put Tesla squarely on the table, kicking butt with science!
Now a big portion of the models in the Infamy range is based on 3D rendered designs, which can have quite an advantage if one'd be interested in adding extra bits, changing poses or scale of a model. Futura is a great example here, with the back left model being the original model. Mini Futura was a Kickstarter exclusive, while the other two versions were part of a limited release. Now we're bound to see these two configurations returns next year, but in entirely different poses of course. Automatons for everybody!
One of my favorite pieces in the range has to be Pigeon though, who doesn't love an automated tea dispenser. The Mk1 Defence Bot, at a whopping 52mm to the top of his hat, is definitely willing to fight for his place in the cue.
Haven't gotten around to building the chimps yet, but these blighters are probably going to be the most fun of the range. There's an entire collection of these, including a very big gorilla and a boss who is 'programming' the brain of one of the chimp soldiers.
I'll have more on these models in the near future, but from what I understand most of these will be available for regular buyers somewhere early next year. That said Infamy did have plans for a special release in December with their first fantasy mini, a Goblin Rider, 25% of the sales going to charity and putting any leftover models from the Kickstarter up before the next casting session. Well worth to keep an eye out for I'd say, which is the easiest done by following their Facebook page HERE.
Righto, back to gathering bits and bobs for basing all these Infamy minis........and those December Pulp City plans......and painting Norsgard......and.......and.........and if only there were more hours in the day!


  1. Those Infamy figures look fantastic miniatures :)

  2. Nice collection you got there.
    I also have a few Infamy miniatures laying around. But with so many projects (shiny miniature syndrome) I haven't got the time to assemble them yet. I look forward to see your Norsgard miniatures painted though. You got me into the last KS :-), and now I need to keep the fire burning until the miniatures arrive.


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