Tuesday, 20 October 2015

2015 XII - Supremely focusing on those last two-ish months of the year.

Time for a little update on the current project, starting off with something that's on Kickstarter right now (link).

That's right, Pulp City is getting two new, cold war-themed, teams to add to our collections, who are naturally compatible with other villain and hero-centered teams. Really digging pretty much all the designs, so definitely putting in some cash to push the project. It does somewhat painfully underline my yet unpainted and some even unbuilt Pulp City models.

So while the campaign is running I'm going to try and paint up another batch of heroes, villains and support models. Not 100% sure I'll be able to finish all seven models within those 12 days, but it's a nice target to aim for. Not to mention how cool these are going to be to paint up, who doesn't like a living virus or some dinosaur mobsters. So over the weekend Grimm Digger, Gravito Grimm, Vector, Seabolt and the Mutant Mobsters joined the undercoated Dr. Mercury in the painting cue.

Also placed an ordered to grab those last few missing minis for the collection, so in the near future 100 Voices, the Voicelings and Slug Muldoon will be joining the Pulp City line-up.

In between these models I'll also be making a start on the Kingdom Death Monster starter minis, which I'm hoping to get on the tabletop somewhere next month for what promises to be an entirely doomed campaign. Very pretty, plastic models in this game, though for that retail price they'd better be.
Finally there's the plans for the rest of the year. With the holiday season closing in rapidly and looking back at what's been completed so far this year I have mixed feelings. Nowhere near to a 'catching up'-point, while having joined way too many new crowdfunding projects. Yet at the same time I've done a lot better than the previous year where I only managed a few dozen painted minis in the entire year. Definitely looking to beat that while pushing my style and technique at times.

One thing is certain, working on focused projects / batches of models seems to have done wonders for model output and motivation, now if only life would do the same. So I'll definitely be doing more of that in the future, have quite a few small, warband-esque groups of minis begging for attention. Some Dreadball teams, Counterblast crews and Anyaral or Arcworlde warbands definitely come to mind. So once these current models are finished I'll pick another 'bundle' of models to work on before moving on to painting anything else.

That said, I've definitely got a few more Look at-articles coming up in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more shots of ShadowSea, Counterblast, Norsgard, Oddysey and various other goodies. In fact Oddysey and Norsgard are both on the schedule later this week!

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