Sunday, 16 August 2015

2015 X - Of flu and charity

So much for a steady stream of blog content, been bed bound with flu for over two weeks. First bout of actual illness in half a year, so nothing to complain about really. Damn annoying regardless..........

Got some completely new content coming up soon, as well as a tutorial or too once Amazon and Ebay packages come in though. Let's just say I'm hoping to get some winter and ice-themed tricks sorted out for some of my more wintery models. These include some Anyaral warbands that have been awaiting paint for a few months now and last week's Norsgard Kickstarter delivery.

The Norsgard stuff has me really impressed as well. Just a handful of models, fun, interesting rules and tons and tons of details with virtually zero clean-up work. More info on these and the game in a future post, but there's definitely a lot of very cool stuff to work on in the range.


Much more important and meaningful though, got a set of charity minis that need attention as well. As some of you may know I help out on the support team for the Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher-Facebook group (link). Group admin and fanatic hobbyist / superhero-fan Handybadger (blog) is leading the drive for a charity project Downs Syndrome Association:

"The reason behind this is that our son was born just under two years ago with Downs Syndrome and several associated medical problems.

Over the last couple of years we have been amazed at the support and back up there is out there for children with DS. Between the Portage workers, hospital staff and therapists they cover every worry and need you may have.

Because of all this we want to give something back and ToaTS seems like the ideal platform to do that.

The idea behind Little Heroes for Little Heroes is that people donate painted Hero miniatures and they all get auctioned off with every penny going to the Downs Syndrome Association.
As an added incentive, we are hoping a few gaming companies will help us out with some goodies. These will be given away as prizes for things like best painted, most raised, highest donation and such. Some could even be auctioned off as well.
A couple of companies like Impudent Mortal and Multiverse Gaming have already stepped forward with goodies including terrain and paint racks.

If this sounds interesting to you please spread it around. The more gamers and companies that see this and take part, the more we raise for a fantastic cause!!!!!

Another great opportunity for the community to do what they do best, build and paint awesome minis, for a great cause. I'll be supporting the project with a handful of random giveaway goodies and four miniatures:
- Hellboy-conversion,
- Rocket Raccoon with magnetized base and exchangeable accessories,
- 'Dodge this'-laser beam superhero,
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-crew.

More on these later in the week, including information on where these minis came from and/or what models and bits were used to build them. Now back to clean-up and paint prep!

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