Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A closer look at the models of.................the new World of Twilight Kedashi Swarms

I was lucky enough to be able to jump into the Anyaral World of Twilight Kickstarter last year and despite not having gotten around to painting much of it thus far I love the look of the minis and the lovely, dice-light ruleset the game offers. Think I'll need to do a longer post somewhere down the line on the rules as they're quite intriguing, offering something quite different than we're used to from other skirmish-level games while still working fantastically.

In addition to getting a new edition rulebook and several new models for the existing factions they also achieved a new force, the Kedashi Swarm. I was rather intrigued by them as a result of the interest design of the models and the mechanics. The best way to think about them as a faction is most likely to see them as flying compy. Short for Compsognathus, these were about chicken-sized, scavenging dinosaurs a lot of you may known from Jurassic Park.

Sharp teeth, but generally harmless on there own. Heck a pack probably wouldn't even bother you as a human as you'd be too much trouble compared to some half chewed up dinosaur corpse somewhere else. But when there's suddenly twenty of them around, they aren't so cute and harmless anymore. The Kedashi Swarm has leader models that are able to affect the small Frenu and swarms, turning the rather unimpressive single critter, into a medium and big swarm.

There truly is strength in numbers, especially when a big swam can be disbanded back into individual Frenu as well. Add the living bomb carrying Bagrun and there's a lot of cool stuff you can do with a small number of models. And as a Kickstarter backer I got a ton of extra individual Frenu, so I could really go to town on making swarms!
What's also rather interesting is how the makers handled the resin on these models (the metal ones were part of the beta testkit). The big Bagrun is cast in very tough, hard resin that is just soft enough to remove the odd mold line or two with a hobby knife.

The flying units on the other hand are a much, much more flexible resin mix, somewhat reminiscent of say Reaper's Bones material. I think this is a really good choice as it makes what would otherwise be very fragile, metal or hard resin models extremely durable (in no small part due to the reduced weight).

In addition also got the latest newest letter in printed form, which actually contains an old school catalog. Haven't seen any of these since my old GW days, it's always cool to have pretty much the entire line of a game all laid out there to draw inspiration from. Very cool stuff, in no small part thanks to painting talent of JoeK Minis' Joe:


Those interested in picking some of these models up, or having a closer look at the lovely designs and rules check out the official Anyaral: World of Twilight page HERE. Time to move on to two more Look At-articles and some painting for me!


  1. I'll be completely honest: I love this game!
    Since the Kickstarter I've been completely hooked and I've never been more active on a forum before than the one from World of Twilight.
    So I really look forward to see your forces getting painted. Seems like you have quite a lot do to :-).

    1. Right there with you, this game and the minis have been one of the coolest gaming gems I've come across in the last year or so. The painting backlog is somewhat out of control at this point though ;-)

    2. :-D I know how it feels. That's why I entered the challenge (http://smallprojectteam.blogspot.be/2015/05/time-for-another-challenge.html?m=1).
      Right now, it is all Bushido, but my focus is melting away every time I'm looking at my unpainted World of Twilight miniatures.

  2. I love the character in this game! such simple but enchanting work and world