Sunday, 10 May 2015

A closer look at the models of.................Bombshell Miniatures' Counterblast

Time for another closer look at one of the many great, yet lesser known games and miniatures lines out there. This time we'll be diving a little deeper into the scifi pulp world of Counterblast, created by Bombshell Miniatures. Some very cool designs, crisp cast and a lovely, skirmish-level game to play around with here. 

These can be picked up from Bombshell Minis directly HERE, through West Wind Productions for us Europeans seeking to avoid import charges HERE, or at quite a decent discount on the current follow-up Counterblast Kickstarter project HERE.


Having long since exhausted the natural resources of their home system, the ancient Cephalopod Edofleini drift among the stars stripping whatever world or species they encounter in the hopes of restoring their empire to its former glory. Master of bio-engineering they have enhanced themselves systematically to possess psychic abilities while spawning a host of subspecies designed for various roles.
Exclusive Prime Leader model and follower.


The military arm of the Galactic Counsil of Worlds, the GDF is comprised of numerous alien species and humans that strive to protect the various GCW member species. Their threats range from dealing with pirates and raiders, trying to contain the Mekkus, combating the ever increasing sighting of the Edofleini and the continuous threat for another intergalactic war with the Neiran Empire. Though equipped with the best materials and weapons available, they are thinly spread and under constant strain, though those clear plastic, domed helmets are awesome.
Some conversions models - converted, random internet find, Sally (Bombshell Minis) & Jetgirl (Studio McVey - LINK )


Whenever there is a frontier there will be explorers, mercenaries, prospectors and downright criminals trying to carve out a living out on the fringe. The Lancer faction is the place where you can really go to town creating your own backstory for your crew. Though there are certain species more attuned to certain roles in the background, pretty much anything goes here from humans, tech-savvy Illyrians, feral Shrinaar, shark-like Alanti and even escaped Neiran Arnts (disgraced slaves). In addition the Lancers have access to a broad range of commercial, or former military, robots, so the ideal faction for conversion work as well.


Created by the ill-faithed and now extinct Gallinians, one of the founding members of the Galactic Counsil of Worlds, the Mekkus were remotely operated, mechanized weaponry that could take to the battlefield without the risk of loosing precious Gallinian lives. With the discovery and implementation of the universe's most powerful energy source, Ultonium, into the Gallinnian industry an unforeseen problem arose. The neural net in charge of virtually every production and control center on the Gallinnian homeworld evolved into an AI, which quickly deemed its creators too limited to be of worth to it. Overnight the homeworld was wiped of organic life and the Mekkus, with their ever urgent need for more Ultonium, have become a danger to all sentient life.

Used old Effigy Miniatures flight stand for the flying Mekkus units.
Studio McVey mini to fill up the harvested Cyberform profile.


The Neiran Empire is a matriarchal society bend on galactic conquest, something they have proven to be very good at having instigated no less than three intergalactic wars and claiming the largest portion of the galaxy for themselves in the process. Valuing strength above all else, the Neirans see other races as inherently inferior only suitable as slaves (Arnt). Though even then strength is a valued trait, with Arnts that survive battle long and well enough being granted their freedom (or having their societal privileges restored in the case of a Neiran Arnt).

Quick head swap and reposing will get a lot of extra mileage out of the Scythesister and Nightsister models.


While most of the GDF models come with clear plastic, domed helmets, Bombshell Miniatures also sells these separately (link). I'm a big fan of these, both for use in Counterblast and in other games. It really allows you take take some old, unused, scifi minis and put them to use in the game.

The same goes for some of the other models Bombshell sells, like Sally Starfield who perfectly fills up a GDF profile that doesn't have a model yet (link).
Count as Lancers pirate crew.


  1. Lots of cool conversions and ideas. Very well done!

    1. Thanks, they're a lot of fun to put together. Now to get all of it painted.....this century somewhere.