Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A closer look at the models of.....Raging Heroes

So I'd completely forgotten I'd even threw a few bucks into the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter, even opting for the 'only send me stuff when all of it is finished' shipping method. But it looks like Raging Heroes (link) is about done with all of the models, renders and casting and will be back on Kickstarter tomorrow with some more fantasy and scifi stuff (link), hence they opted to make certain everybody who joined in on the last project gets their hands on some 'samples'.

So they sent out all the freebie models that were unlocked to everybody, nice and smart gesture if you ask me. Also means I can show off some of the detail and quality of models who's molds have seen some actual use already. Rather cool stuff and figured it may be informative for those wondering if that upcoming Kickstarter is something they'd consider jumping into. Apologies for the less than ideal lighting........my stupid, new camera is still lost in transit somewhere and I refuse to buy another one till I get a refund. Luckily my smartphone does a decent enough job for the time being.

The first thing that really stood out for me is that, despite all the vents that looked troublesome, the models are surprising clean, crisp and easy to prep. Given that we're dealing with resin here there's of course the usual washing and cleaning needed. But save for two little problems, one cause by me rushing things, they took a lot less work than I was expecting. In fact most of the vents are placed very smartly and the few that could cause problems or breakage were all located in places where clean up work would be invisible.

Minimal mold lines, a single bubble in a visible spot for the entire lot, only a single warped bit (which really surprised me given how small some of these bits and detailing are) and easily removed flash, made them a breeze to put together.

In fact I think it took me less than two hours to clean, wash and put them all together. Generally that'd be the amount of time I'd need for one to two models as resin casts do generally have some sort of issue hidden away somewhere. Not so much with these luckily, which makes me rather happy as I still have some regular infantry models to go that have quite a few interchangeable bits and bobs.

Scale wise we're looking at 28-30mm, true scale models. I'd say they would perhaps be a little bit too big to just mix in with regular 40K stuff, but luckily all three factions are getting fully modular sets. So a full force build up out off one of these factions will work great for 40K and a range of other scifi, skirmish games.
 Personally I'm in love with the little Hippo mascot, he's just too cool and cute!
One thing is certain though all that waiting for Raging Heroes to finish the molds and models has really paid off when it comes to the detailing. Tons of very small, characterful stuff all over the models that make sense thematically.


Now I opted for some Jailbird models for some 40K project, but that game has since drifted off more me. No clue what they'll be used for, but quite frankly they're nice enough to simply paint and display. That said though, this set was the unlocked freebies, so there's quite a few models in there for the factions I wasn't all that interested in (despite the cool designs). So time for another giveaway on the Tale of a Tabletop Skirmisher Facebook group. Simply head over there and drop a comment on the contest post if you'd like to enter the raffle and have a chance at these three lovely, Iron Empire models (washed, cleaned and with any 'issues' all take care off):

And that does it for this post, but I'm certain there will be some more stuff in the near future. Pulp City's Dr. Mercury, for example, is definitely pulling out all the stops to demand a similar look at him and his friends and enemies!


  1. These look great! Lots of details and as far as I can see almost no bubbles.
    Also like your base for dr. Mercury a lot. I might steal that if you don't mind.

    1. Very crisp stuff indeed, very smart vent placement all-round. This makes me rather excited about the multi-parts infantry sets, which have a ton of extra heads, weapons etc.

      Got my inspiration for Dr. Mercury from the Pulp CIty studio paintjob, which is stunning and intimidating at the same time:

      There's a lot of minis in the range that beg for these sort of little dioramas and with only needing 3-10 minis a side for even big games it's well worth the extra effort.