Monday, 2 February 2015

2015 - II - Of plague and random models

Time for the second update of the year, which will be focused on mostly work in progress minis. Flu season has hit pretty hard around here and as a result of this I've joined the 2+ million sick statistic. So the tally of finished models for the last two weeks is rather meager, heck three of them are hardly minis. Regardless, two Relics Spatga and some Dreadballs all done and ready for gaming

At the same time there's a lot of stuff nearing completion, including a Dreadball referee, two MVPs, a full Forge Fathers team and some more Relics Orcnar. Hoping to squeeze a few more Orcnar into February, bring the collection up to a fully painted warband (about time right):
Yurik, Firewall & Referee

Orcnar Unmann unit
Once these are done, theres a full list of mini projects all lined up. These will include some 'just for fun' models from Thundermountain Miniatures, Arcworlde's Hobgoblins, Counterblast's cephalopod Edolfleini and the first two superhero charity models. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy for a while, not to mention get me started on another two 'look at articles'!
Various Thundermountain Miniatures
Warploque Miniatures, Hobgoblins of the Gaulag Wastes (Arcworlde setting).
Bomshell Miniatures; Edolfleini for Counterblast.


  1. Nice love the Spaatga's and the Unmanns are coming along nicely as well.

    1. Thank you very much, they really are wonderful models to work on. May be going a bit overboard on the basing, but it really pays off on such a limited number of models needed for your basic warband.

      Hope to get the Unmann finished by next week and maybe even make a start on the next batch. It may be about time the tribe gets some speedy and high-pitched support!