Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Relics giveaway

With all the random wackiness of the last update I completely forgot to mention that Tor Gaming are running a giveaway where you can win a mystery box containing blisters all belonging to a single Relics faction. Total worth over 150 quid and it even comes with one of those lovely rulebooks. So a perfect way to get into the game and pick up some great models in the process!

Simply head over to the contest page and throw your name into the vote and who knows, you may be looking at a full Vaettir, Orcnar, Britanan or Nuem force! And there's a lot of cool stuff in the range, check out my old Look at-post HERE for some extra pics of most of the current line.

While on the subject of Relics, I've also just pre-ordered the latest batch of minis. So more Relics stuff come February. Tor Gaming have recently added a new member to the team, who's put together three rather lovely, rendered models. So once the crowd-funded minis hit there will only be four profiles left without models, this little game has really grown over the last two years!

The Praefectus in particular promises to be a joy to paint up, quite a big model as well as demonstrated by the good painting folks over at Tower Hill Studio (link). Same goes for the fiery Vaetiir Sol, which should see a retail release in the near future:

Though I seriously doubt I'll be able to paint them up anywhere as professionally as this, there's still a ton of fun to be had with these minis. Having an absolute blast at the moment with my little Orcnar force, which should see a few more models finished by the weekend:

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