Friday, 27 July 2012

Black Crusade Charity - part III

Time for another quick update, this time during late lunchtime at work. Today we'll have a quick look at the little, extra I promised I would add to my contribution for the Black Crusade Charity. Probably not a huge surprize, but say hello to one Black Legion, Tzeentch-dedicated Chaos Rhino to help lug around that Thousand Sons squad.
Originally this Rhino started out as a support unit for my own Iron Warriors. Never got around to finishing or painting the thing, so it made for an ideal starting point for a transport for the Rubric Marines. 

Some of the addition to the vehicle include a snorkel/exhaust system, cyclopean front viewing port (a theme which works great for Iron Warriors, Nurgle- and Tzeentch-units), extra armour plating on top, chaos shields on the side with the Eye of Horus(leftover from a Banelegions character), as well as a Warpfire altar on top.
There's still  a bit of cleaning up work left here and there, but it should be ready for paint by tomorrow evening. Particularly looking forward to working on the battle damage and some general weathering effect. This may actually be the time for me to break out that set of Secret Weapon weathering powders I've had around for months now. Quite frankly the prospect of using weathering powders has had me a bit worried. Never worked with stuff like this, at the same time I do have a fair amount of spare stuff around and SW have a few very helpful tutorials online. The big question for me does remain what fixer to use. I think I may have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the medkit, which should do the trick quite nicely. Time for some trail-and-error I think!

This little beauty will get a colourscheme very similar to the Thousand Sons squad, though it will lean a bit more towards the traditional Black Legion scheme. That way it can easily be used by any other squad that may need it. After all, I can definitely imagine that somebody would prefer to leave the Thousand Sons on foot, perhaps guarding an objective, while the Rhino helps out a more fighty unit.
Finally there's something extra I hope to squeeze into the time left for this project. I've managed to get my hand on some extra part, hence if time permits I'll be adding an extra. Time for a teaser:
So, next update I'll either have some shot of this additional unit or the painting in progres on the Thousand Sons squad. By the way, it is also well worth checking out the Black Crusade blog (link), tons of great minis, prizes and previews have gone up this last week. I know one thing for sure, whomever wins the grand army will have a ton of fantastic Chaos minis to show off!

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