Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Back in business people!

My laptop is semi-functional again, though I will need a new one in a couple of months if finally can get online again at regular intervals. Time for a quick hobby upgrade:

..........waiting for paint

I've been keeping an eye on my mailbox for over three weeks now hoping new paint to arrive, thus far without any success. Naturally when I need to work overtime and will be home late for an entire week the package arrived, now I just need to find time to get to the post office to pick it up. In the mean time though, there's a few other things I'm taking care off:

1 - Vespids

Pretty much my longest-running painting project ever, which is utterly driving me insane. At the same time though, I cannot deny that taking time and feedback from a ton of people does definitely make these minis quite nice thus far. Regardless, it is time to finish these off and get them sent off to my buddy Martin.

So this past weekend, in between the wonderful weather and some exquisite Belgian beers, was spent on adding a ton of detail to the Vespid squad. The armour, T'au chest symbol and armour cables are now done on all minis, while the weapons are well underway as well.

Right now I just need to get in touch with Marin so that the final detail, the colour of the Strainleader's helmet lenses, can be figured out:

So with some luck this batch will be done by the end of the weekend, on their way to the UK mid of next week and in Martin's happy hands by the next weekend. Now just to take care of those hundreds of little details that still need attention (weapon, weapon detailing, brass rings, toe talons, sensor spines, clean up & varnish coat)!

2 - eeeeew, it's Nurgle alright!

Got sucked into a modelling/painting challenge by another friend and this one is going to get disgusting. While at my place an old gaming group buddy was checking out my display cabinet when this old Purge squad caught his eye:

By now these are about four years old, but definitely are still counted amongst my favorites. They're part of my old Chaos Space Marine force and were once planned to be the start of a full, individual Purge force. This got us reminiscing about all those old hobby plans we had that never came to fruition (long, long list constrained by time, motivation and ability), what can I say we're slowly, but surely get old.

It may have been the beers or his actual arguments, but at the end of the day I've ended up with a plastic Nurgle Chaos Lord and a challenge to turn him into a Nurgle Chaos Space Marine sorceror. The feel of the Lord is just perfect for Nurgle in my opinion; big, lumbering and looking more like a force of (sick) nature, rather than a controling warp-manipulator.

In the next 2-3 weeks this guy will be passing by a few things as I take things from concept to final mini, which will hopefully be an interesting journey for both me and the readers!

3 - From the Warp bloglist

Quick new tidbit for the From the Warp-fans out there, the blogroll is slowly being rebuild by Ron. So if you want to be included in the new one don't forget to mail your blog-address to him. Check out all the information - here.

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