Friday, 4 November 2011

The not so intimidating scifi undead?

Good evening fellow bloggers, finally managed to squeeze some free time into my schedule and more or less got suckered into doing some Necron themed work. The Astronomican forum is having a little competition using the basic Necron Warrior and fellow forum member CPA was kind enough to sent me a spare Warrior to mess around with.

Probably should have checked the contest deadline first though, looks like I have 24 hours left to finish this one. Quite a challenge for such a slow painter as myself, still we'll get there by tomorrow evening! Still the possibility of winning the new codex and trying out a new colourscheme at the same time is always a fun prospect.

For the contest we all get to do whatever we want with a single Necron Warrior, though he should be placed on a normal, empty base in order to keep the focus on the mini. This is just the reason I'd been looking for to justify converting a Necron Warrior to a more upright pose. I get GW is going for the creepy/shambling feel with them, but that particular pose never did it for me. Simply felt that the feel of the artwork and dread of the rest of the old and current miniature line never translated very well to the basic Necron Warrior:

So some subtle bending, twisting and minimal green stuff repair work was in order, reulted in the following, much more imposing, bad boy:

It was rather suprizing to see a mini I always saw as somewhat goofy turn into an unbreakable killing machine with a simple pose adjustment. Though it certainly helps that he now towers above the younger (and mostly likely according to his program lesser) races:

Once I get back from work tomorrow it will be time for a quick meal and some frantic painting till midnight! There's still a very long way to go:

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