Monday, 27 December 2010

Hornet....uhm Venom coming through

And it's a venomous christmas and I'm not just talking about the rancid eggnog

Figured I'd kill two bird with one stone and use the Astronomican Rumble or Stumble challenge (link) to put together a Venom for my Incubi. Naturally I've been keeping my eye on the web for inspiration and there have been tons of cool conversions. Just to pick a few:

Sorrowshard's sleek Venom:

Not forgetting Wordbearer's awesome work:

And finally Speedfreek's Harlequin-themed Venoms:

Now I love all these minis, but I quickly came to the conclusion that some of these conversions weren't for me or forced you to combined the precious bits of both a Raider and a Vyper. So instead I've opted to go with a converted Vyper, using only spare bits from a Raider, a Ravager and some leftovers from the old Dark Eldar Warriors (the Splinter Cannons) and Jetbikes (some of the backfins). All of this has resulted in my approach to the Venom, though I'm seriously considering calling mine a Hornet instead:

And eventhough I didn't buy snares for my Venom, I just couldn't resist adding a few:

The Venom easily holds two infantry-sized models and given the extra space it isn't to unrealistic to imagine 5 Dark Eldar would be able to squeeze themselves on there:

(definitely my favorite shot of the bunch, it also gives a sneak peek of a squad I'm calling the faceless......more info coming soon, but let's just say there's a reason the pilot's head is already painted).


  1. Great looking hornet/venom. I wanted my venom to be from leftover bits as well. i love how you have used the sails. I may have to steal the idea. Where did you get the rear deck? It looks familiar, but i can't place it.

  2. Thanks! The rear deck is actually part of the deck of the old Dark Eldar Raider, which after some cutting and bending ends up fitting perfectly. Anything else that can fill up the same space would work just as well of course.

    The sails are actually an interesting deal. If you end up using 1 Raider and 1 Ravager in an army, you end up with 6 sails. This as the Ravager is effectively a Raider box with an extra sprue.

  3. that's pretty cool hephesto infact it's the best one I've seen! I'd be worried if I were an eldar though I'd probably fall off!