Monday, 29 November 2010

Got suckered into buying these..............

They took me two full nights of work and I think I'll need to take some better pictures in daylight tomorrow. Nonetheless, I'd very much like to share my new Mandrake unit (click the pictures for bigger versions). I would like to add that all of them have been subtly converted, you can't get any of these arm poses or weapon combinations if you use the normal bits in the boxed set.

These will, hopefully, show up somewhere in the coming days in my Total Wargamer review of the boxed set. To be honest I have no idea why I even bought them, regardless I had a ton of fun with them!


  1. These are very beautiful models indeed and your paintjob is top notch. Not sure how effective they are in-game but still a good purchase just for the aesthetic value.

  2. Thanks, they take a rediculous amount of time but the end result is indeed rather nice.

    Sadly I fear that Mandrakes will have way too much competition from the other Elites choices available in the Dark Eldar codex. They require even more finesse and planning to use effectively than other units. And as a result there will not be many competitive gamers, especially those attending tournaments, that will include this stunning looking unit in their army.