Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Astronomican's Rumble or Stumble round 13

As some of you may know I'm quite active over at the Astronomican forum (link), I do some adminy stuff and generally help out where I can as it is a great way to stay in the hobby. One of our initiatives is a 2-3 weekly Rumble or Stumble. In which several members put up a new mini (generally a leader type of any sort of pretty much any game system they want, though there have been themed challenges) and go up against eachother. Naturally there is a wee bit of banter and joking around, but in the end it makes for a fun, simple way to get a lot of different people motivated to build and paint some cool minis. And although at the end of each round a winner (rumbler) is selected, we really like to think that we are rumbled. So a rumbling hard or less hard-challenge would be more accurate, but let's face that just sounds horrible.

Today the latest installment of Rumble or Stumble challenge (the 13th so far!) came to an end and with 8 contestants there are plenty of new minis to check out. Belo you can find some sneak peeks of this round's excellent minis. Also for the full Rumble or Stumble gallery just click - here.









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