Monday, 20 September 2010

Finished the Warrior Prime

And the Warrior Prime is all done, ready to start leading his swarm. Although I guess a single Termagant doesn't exactly count as a swarm, something I hope to remedy in about two weeks. Let's just say my Norn Queen is still defrosting but almost ready to start mass-production!

Some extra shots:

Slitherfiend and his 'swarm':

The model was originally also intended for a modelling and painting competition, Astronomican's Rumble or Stumble, but I was without a camera for a while. Still, as a hit to that period I did keep the the 10 I originally encoorporated into the base. Nice, silly little touch, that doesn't distract too much from the overall mini:

For those interested here's a link (click here) to the Rumble or Stumble gallery over at the Astronomican Forums that showcases all the excellent minis that have passed by in the 11 rounds that we've had so far. Round 12 is nearly at an end, in fact there are just a few hours left, so the gallery will be updated somewhere tomorrow.

And eventhough I am not certain I will have enough time to participate in the next round I have put some thought into the potential mini. In fact I hope to work on my 'count as'-Inquisitor for my tiny, tiny Witchhunter force led by Gideon Lorr. I have three distinctive factions working together in that army (very wip) and I intend to build a single 'count as'-Inquisitor to go along with each of them. Naturally I can only use a single one at the time, but it just seemed like a very interesting project.

Included in the force is a small Adeptus Arbites squad (Stormtroopers with Shotguns), so their 'count as'-Inquisitor will be an Arbites Judge. Silly as it may be I've always had something for adding critters, familiars and such to miniatures and I think I will have to put the good Judge on a terminator-sized base as I want to add both of bad boys shown below to his 'wargear':


  1. That's one mean slug! Can't stop singing 'who let the dogs out' looking at the Arbite Judge.

  2. Thanks mate, insane amount of work but he was well worth it! I had the same with the Judge, really looking forward to this wacky mini.

    I'm also hoping to get some Relictor stuff sorted out in the next 1-2 months, including an article for an online mag. So I may end up bugging you sometime for some feedback ;-)

  3. Really like the finish on the prime, not too sure about the base but just me.

    Great idea for the judge, looking forward to seeing it all nicely painted by you.