Friday, 26 February 2010

The Parasite of Mortrex

Right, time for a little something different. I've recently gotten my hands on some new Tyranid bits and the codex and I was instantly drawn to the new 'characters'. So when a new Rumble or Stumble round started over at Astronomican forums I knew I'd have to go with something new for my Tyranids.

So what is the Rumble or Stumble? Well a bunch of forum members join in a friendly painting and modelling duel that lasts for a fixed time. Amongst others, I'll be going up against Blogspot newcomer and fellow admin/mod-team member Devoncodian. Just started working on my mini, so say hello to a little friend of mine. Straight in from Mortrex may I introduce the very wip Mr. Parasite:

I'm all out of Tyranid warrior bits, so there's no backpiece yet. Although, in hindsight, this may actually be better as the artwork of the Parasite show some distinct and unique carapace. So I'll be sculpting the back carapace to resemble that more while also leaving enough space for the eggsac which was salvaged from a special weapon support arm. Those ripper parasites need to come from somewhere afterall!

And finally a quick pic of the planned pose:


  1. Thanks for the spot mate this guy is going to look great.

  2. I like the way the parasite is coming along! Where are all the bits from? -- I'm curious especially about the rear of the head.

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like it!

    @ Jabberjabber:

    The bits came from all over the place, so far we have:
    - front torso piece of a Warrior
    - warrior head
    - warrior tail
    - 4 adjusted talons from a hormagaunt
    - set of plastic gargoyle wings
    - devourer (I think anyway) support arm egg sac
    - metal LotR Fellbeast tail piece
    - oop talon, from either the old lictor or Red Terror
    - a chopped up metal gargoyle head

    Given that the Parasite has a longer head than either that of a warrior, ravenor or other beasty I needed something to for the basis. So a quick rummage through the bits box presented me with 16 of the previous edition gargoyles.

    The mouth piece was cut out, the Nid warrior head taking its place. Next up I'll need to fill the the gaps and make the distint carapace by hand (green stuff).