Tuesday, 29 December 2009

More Dark Wolves

Working on my monthly mini quota, and left for this month are:
- converting another Dark Wolves squad
- converting the Chaos Lord that will lead this merry band

First up the 8 csm for the normal shooty squad, these be the old, grumpy renegade dark wolves. They need some minor tidying up, some green stuff and an extra detail here and there, but they will be done somewhere tomorrow.

And secondly a very wip pic of the Chaos Lord, going a bit over board on him I'm afraid. Particularly since this guy that is suppossed to only be wearing normal power armour. Having a blast building him up though, so far the following bits have gone into this one:
- space wolf head
- chaos warrior cloak
- plastic chaos knight shoulder pads
- chaos lord torso piece
- 2 possessed claws/lower arms
- space wolf bucklepiece
- chaos lord legs
- quite a bit of green stuff
Still to come are the backpack, tidying up the green stuff, a 7-8 piece sword and perhaps something in his other hand.

And that is it for this update, more coming soon. Including the finalized chaos lord, 2 more Nid projects and some more Relictors (finally!).

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