Sunday, 29 November 2009

Updates, updates, updates.

Well, real life has been a kicker this last month. Still no excuse to not blog my little heart out, so I'm committing to some more frequent updates. Or at the very least, some more regular posts about everyday life and GW-related junk. Work and university may prevent any major minibuilding and painting for the next couple of weeks though.

So let's start this one off with a big old thanks to Ron over at From The Warp, fellow group members may remember the emails about FTW dice. I ordered a bunch as well, and last week they arrived. And I have to say, they look great. Clean, tight and very stylish:

Next up we have the Relictors. Due to a ton of 'real life' junk I haven't been able to do much on them, in fact the last month has only seen three minis added to the force. That is not to say I'm stopping on these guys, far from it. I love Relictors, so this army will get done......someday, yes, really!

In fact I already have the next unit planned, a group of walking assault marines in a rhino. I know, insane, but it just really fits better with the army theme. And I'm all in it for the theme and fun. Hardly get to play games anymore, so when I do I prefer to just have a fun game rather than going all out for a win. Though those FTW dice are bound to help out a little on the luck side.

But there's more, I too have been drawn in by the allure of the new SW stuff. I've always been a big fan of the boys in blue-ish grey, in fact I even played them for quite a few years. I had promised myself I'd stay away from the new sprues as I knew they would draw me back in. One birthday and two boxes later and I have the bug again. So, I'll be working on both the Relictors and a new, small side-project.

Skyrar's Dark Wolves:
Being a minor warband hardly any real info is available about these guys:
- colourscheme (darkish grey, silver trim and red markings)
- their symbol, a blood red wolfshead with a forked tongue
- that they were first sighted in the Fenris sector
- they are classified as close combat specialists

Rather Space Wolvish right? Now we move on to a little connect-the-dots in the fluff, specifically Huran Blackheart's capture of the Wolf of Fenris (Codex CSM pages 58 and 59). Detailed in this section we find the info on how the Red Corsairs' leader attacks, board and finally conquers the Space Wolves battlebarge. Of specific interest to me was the mention of a small portion of Space Wolves turning on their own brothers and eventually swearing loyalty to Huron (who in turns rewards this by granted them the command of the Wolf of Fenris). In addition a small portion of geneseed is harvested from the fallen Space Wolves and passed on Lord Garreon the Corpsemaster (Red Corsairs' chief apothecary).

Combined these two pieces of fluff already provide an excellent background for a fun, little force composed of renegade SW guys. But things got rolling for me when got some bits from a trade (new marauder horsemen heads) and was talked into buying one of the new SW kits. Add a spare cloak, a FW berzerker axe and some green stuff and we have the first Dark Wolf - Halmjar (guy on the right):

Well, I was pretty much sold after this. Especially when I turned on the television only to find the rather mediocre Pathfinder movie being aired, loved those vikings though. It pretty much depicted how I'd imagined these guys - raiders, marauders, but with one seriously thick hide. Some further experimentation has led to the following two guys as well:

The creative juices are flowing again and such a small army should be doable....even for one as slow and easily distracted as well! I do have to say that both the Wolf Guard kit and those Marauder heads are an absolute blessing for this project. Those helmets and leather masks really will give this unit a very unique, slightly more savage/chaotic Space Wolf feel.

Idea behind the army(list):
- Small, elite & fast, both to keep it small and allowing max time to be spend on each individual mini.
- Symbol/mark of Khorne suits best to represent their link to the Space Wolves, as well as their close combat specialism.
- I just happend to have enough berzerker axes to do both a Berzerker squad and give all the champs matching power weapons. I just love the feel/look of this thing (slightly of in the pic, has been fixed):

- Everything is put together to form a small, fast and quite deadly marauder force. In fact the only heavier stuff in there are 2 meltagun and the Obliterator.
- I know the Obliterator is a bit the odd one out here, but I need some serious firepower in there. It allows me to stay away from the utterly out of place stuff like tanks and static havocs. Besides, I like to think that it is one of Huron's blessing on the warband's leader (yet unnamed, prefer to keep Skyrar himself higher up the command chain).

Issues and stuff left to sort out:
- What to do with those damned bases? Trying my hand at icy/snow stuff, but not pleased at all with the results so far.
- How to make the Rhinos more exciting, thinking in the direction of wolf pelts / vikingish shields (have the new skeleton shields).
- Icon bearers, rather tough to keep big standards and Khorne icons out of this. I really don't want them to be openly following Khorne, the icons are really just intended to give them abilities that fit their background. So, the idea right now is to give each iconed unit a bloodied wolf backpack bearer (and yes, the one below is the classic Russ backpack!):

And finally there are some pics of the first test mini, the lighting is terrible though I'm afraid:

Put quite a bit of workl into the detailing as well:

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