Friday, 9 October 2009

Picking up steam again...slowly.

What can I say about the last month+, it has been a hassle all round. Work, uni registration etc, tons of things have been throwing up roadblock. Finally caught up with all the madness so far, so it's time to get back to 40K'ing!

So I cleaned out by desk, re-organized all the unpainted Relictor minis and getting ready to spend some tlc on the poor guys. I'll be starting off with a whopping (for me anyway) 3 units:
- Sternguard Veterans (6 guys - Razorback to follow)
- Terminator Squad (6 - converted starter termies and the free WD mini that got all this madness started again)
- Subjugator Assault Squad (8 - allied, cursed foundings chapter - some shared colours and marking, yet quite distinct in feel and colour)

Manually undercoating the Subjugators right now. I know, time consuming but so much better for the final product. That and I have a tendency to pick bad spray cans, the minis are expensive enough without having to stress about whether or not the undercoat is going to mess them up.

Next up would be the green on the Subjugators, after that things start to spread. All the blue-ish stuff for these units will be handled in a single go. This will give a nice coherent feel to them and should help keep me motivated as I see the full group steadily advancing. Once the shared areas (blue-ish armour and skin) are done, I'll revert back to the 'paint 1 mini at a time'-approach as I slowly work my way through the lott detailing each individual mini.

And to make certain there's some extra eye candy, I have an extra pic of the test Subjugator to finish of this update:

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