Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thunderfire Cannon Update

Well life's been keeping me busy again. So progres is slow, but somewhat steady. Finally finished building the Thunderfire Cannon and crew. These pics are of the 75% done project, more pics coming as soon as my camera has re-charged:

The size of the undercarriage kind of got out of hand as it kept getting bigger and bigger. This naturally resulted in a basing problem, a weapon team base suddenly became far too small. So I went into the bits box and cupboard in the hopes of finding a slightly larger base, but with no luck. Untill I came across my GW static grass tube, its top was just perfect. Though it will become a somewhat bigger and consequently easier to hit target, I gladly sacrifice some tactical advantage in order to make this thing as I had it in mind!

And here's the mechanical servitor, complete with extra servo-arm and portable powersource. Some extra greenstuff has been applied already to fill holes, make the left arm fit better to the shoulder joint and some spare rivits from the armour plates used for the thunderfire cannon chassis have been added to the plasticard pincers of his servo-arm:

In addition I've gotten some new stuff I hope to get done by the end of this month as well: an extra squad of Marines, lead by a cool dual pistol-wielding serg. And a 10 men strong scout squad, cut into two groups of 5. The first group is already done and build (pics coming), while a second box has been ordered from my local store.

Finally I need to get thinking about some scenery as I might end up taking part in a 'huge buildings'-contest over at Astronomican forums. Though I have limited building experience I'd love to give it a try, especially since my last (unfinished) diorama project has given my a ton of ideas for this one.

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