Monday, 27 April 2009

Would you kindly.....

It have been a couple of very long days, all of them full with huge 'to do'-lists. Add the inconvenience of me putting my Bioshock disc into my PS3 again. A game which for some reason I played for one day and never got back to, despite it being a joy to play. A preview of Bioshock 2 got me thinking about it again. So last week I popped it back in again and I've been spending 2-3 hours a night having a ton of fun in Rapture's very stylish environment. Reached the good ending now and I have to say the story was great as well, no worries no spoilers here. I just have one thing to say 'Would you kindly'!

But it looks like I'll have time for some new stuff later today and tomorrow. So next on my hobby table is the new starter dread, time to turn that puppy into a plasmacannon-wielding Relictor Dread. Might even have enough time of an Assault Marine test mini!

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