Monday, 20 April 2009

Astronomican Apocalypse Project

A while, well quite a long time go I managed to get an interest for things of an Apocalyptic nature going over at the Astronomican forum. This has thus far resulted in a series of fun, fan-made Apocalypse datasheets which I want to share with everybody. More will be coming over the coming months, I just need to graduate first so I can find the time to work on the remaining datasheets. Note though that these datsheets were written to be fun, so not all of them will be a 100% balanced. My sincere thanks to everbody who has helped out with these and please let me know if you find problems with any of these. Or, which I hope is more likely, let me know if you find them to be a whole lott of fun!

Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be updating the current sheets as there are few ones who have some issues with the current edition (Loxatl and targetting priority for example). Eventually all of these will be combined into a single downloadable pdf booklet, much like the inspiring Bell of Lost Souls initiatives. Though I certainly can not hope to reach their level of excellence with just my spare time to spend on this project ;-)

In addition keep an eye out for Astro Mag issue 4, which should be out in the next week or so. This issue will have rules for a big (hopefully) worldwide Apocalypse sheet design contest!

Here are the current datasheets, though 2-3 of them need an update:

- Check out the link in the downloads and tutorials sidebar for the newest sheets and updates!

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